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Welcome to an active and unique holiday experience with Norway's largest and most beautiful sailing ship! In 2023, you can join us in singing Shanties across the North Sea to Shetland or on exciting voyages to France. We will also join The Tall Ships Races, the great ocean regatta, where we will compete against the fastest sailing ships in the world! Welcome on board for adventurous experiences with sailing, seamanship and friendship!

“On a sailing ship we live close together. We become friends with all kinds of people. People you would never have thought of greeting on the street. Age, nationality, orientation – your background is irrelevant. ” Jo Leif Strønen, former bosun

In the spring of 2023, Statsraad Lehmkuhl is finally back home in Norway, after an almost two years long circumnavigation of the globe. We are ready to embark on new adventures and we warmly welcome everyone on board for new and exciting experiences on Norway’s largest and most beautiful sailing ship!

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What do you actually do on a sailing voyage?
That is a good question! And it is not easy to explain in words! A sailing voyage is something completely different from an ordinary holiday. Firstly, you are sailing on the open sea. In itself, it is an absolutely fantastic experience. You get very close to the ocean and all the wonderful impressions it provides.

Seeing nothing but the ocean all around you, does something to you. You have to experience personally, to fully understand it! On a voyage with Lehmkuhl, you automatically become an active part of the crew on board. Everyone, both the voyage crew and the ship´s professional crew, work together to sail and operating the big ship. Here, teamwork, traditional seamanship and nature experiences go hand in hand.

Twice a day you go on four-hour sea watches with your watch team. You learn how to handle sails and ropes, you stand lookout, learn navigation and stand at the helm. And yes! – you are the one controlling the 100 meter long ship! Quite a thrill!

For many, the highlight is entering the rigging, but “going aloft” is completely voluntary. But if you dare, you will get a kick quite out of the ordinary! Photo: André Marton Pedersen

You sleep in hammocks, as seaman have done for centuries.

In other words, we can’t promise you a relaxing luxury holiday, but we guarantee that you’ll never forget this trip!

Link: Read more about life on board!

A safe journey
You can feel completely safe on board Statsraad Lehmkuhl. The ship was built in 1914, but despite her 108 years, she is in better condition than ever before. All parts of this grand vessel is thoroughly checked during annual shipyard stayd. Especially before the One Ocean Expedition circumnavigation, she has been upgraded with, among other things, state-of-the-art navigation and satellite technology.

Lehmkuhl is one of the world’s largest sailing ships in full operation all year round, and is designed to sail on the open sea. Most of Statsraad Lehmkuhl’s “peers” around the world are either museum vessels or have ended up on the scrap heap. But Lehmkuhl has been very good taken care of. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful ship in Norway! And now you can join us! Photo: R. Sibley

We sail together
Common to all sailing adentures with Lehmkuhl is that everyone on board becomes a big community, where we sail and operate the ship together. At sea, we share most things, and so, the atmosphere becomes very special! A sailing voyage stays with you long after you go ashore. One is not quite the same, after a voyage with Lehmkuhl!

Former bosun, Jo Leif Strønen, puts it this way:

“We become friends with all kinds of people. People you would never have thought of greeting on the street. Age, nationality, orientation – your background means nothing. Everyone who comes on board starts on equal basis and become a team that pulls together. We utilize the resources that people bring, so that the team works as good as possible. People learn to take care of each other and show consideration for all kinds of oddities.”

Welcome on board for unique experiences in 2023!

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Photo: André Marton Pedersen/Hanna Thevik 

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